About Me

Douglas Holzmeier  has generated a large and loyal social media following - having composed over 1500 original thoughts and quotes on his Twitter site the first 700 which became the foundation of You Are God's Best Idea!

"You're the boss of your thoughts. Hire the good ones, fire the bad ones."

"Stop chasing your dreams; they haven't run away."

"Dreams are not meant to be followed; they’re meant to be followed through."

Doug emphasizes the divine idea that every human being is divine and important, needed and necessary, loved and the Beloved: You Are God's Best Idea!

Douglas was born in Belleville, Illinois. His family moved to a suburb of Columbus, Ohio (Grove City) in the mid-1960s. Doug has spent most of his adult life working in the radio industry and has been an on-air personality in Chicago, Illinois; Columbus, Ohio; Pensacola, Florida; Charleston, West Virginia; Rockford, Illinois; Wheeling, West Virginia; Tri Cities, Washington, and most recently, in Reno, NV. As a program director, his stations have been nominated for Adult Contemporary Station of the Year honors three times.

Douglas Holzmeier is a licensed Spiritual Practitioner specializing in knowing the inherent Truth of our spiritual perfection with the Centers for Spiritual Living. He also is a life coach specializing on weight release. Additionally Doug is a motivational speaker and offers seminars and workshops on inherent divinity, prosperity, the Law of Attraction and weight release.

Contact Douglas here. 

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